1) військ. знищення
2) вбивати, позбавляти життя, умертвляти; ліквідовувати, знищувати (жертву); розм. провалювати (законопроект тощо)
- kill a draft law
- kill a hostage
- kill accidentally
- kill an attacker
- kill at random
- kill at the order
- kill brutally
- kill by a car bomb
- kill by contract
- kill by contract hire
- kill by gang
- kill by greed
- kill by inches
- kill by malice
- kill by malice
- kill by provocation
- kill by recklessness
- kill by will
- kill deliberately
- kill for money
- kill for the sake of killing
- kill in excess of self-defence
- kill in excess of self-defense
- kill in self-defence
- kill in self-defense
- kill in the heat of passion
- kill justifiably
- kill lawfully
- kill legally
- kill mercifully
- kill negligently
- kill on a whim
- kill on sight
- kill oneself
- kill recklessly
- kill ritualistically
- kill sadistically
- kill simple
- kill situationally
- kill tortureously
- kill under the influence
- kill unjustifiably
- kill willfully
- kill with intent
- kill within self-defence
- kill within self-defense

English-Ukrainian law dictionary.


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